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City Rexall Drugs

Home of low prescription prices and friendly personal service

Medicine-On-Time in your home.
One pill twice-a-day, two pills once-a-day...who can figure it out? Now, you can, with Medicine-On-Time.Medicine-On-Time is an innovative personal prescription system that takes the daily hassle o...

Now there is a safe and easy way to handle multiple medications with Medicine On-Time. Through this program, City Rexall will deliver your medications in a convenient calendar pack that contains the medicine you need for specific times of each day of the month. City Rexall will manage all refills and updates of the medication directly with the doctor's offices. The tear-away, bubble pack dispensers provide a safe way to manage your prescriptions.

Your pills will come pre-sorted by your pharmacist, and packaged in personal doses, separated by day and time. 

Remove a single dose - or several- for convenience when you're on the go.


Unmistakably Simple

Safe. Accurate. Easy. Proven. Effective. Efficient. Precise.

Convenient. Handy. Helpful. Practical. Common Sense.

"Gee, why didn't I think of that